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  • Our core services for buyers are offered freely. This includes viewings, consultation services, basic due-diligence. Our buying advice is completely impartial and we present only the property we perceive as a good match for your requirements.


    Quality and Choice

    Our aim is to try and keep our property selection at a high-level of quality and with the greatest choice. This means we only list the properties that we believe you should be focusing on. We work with every seller before listing their property to understand the small details so we can better assist our buyers. We also do not list property that we feel is over-inflated in price.


    Useful Tips Before You View

    Before you arrange a viewing, it is usually best to discuss your requirements with us so we can give you a more tailored experience and save you time and money too. Our representatives have thorough experience of the areas the properties are located in and know the good from the bad and can advise you accordingly.


    Whether you are looking to buy for personal use, investment or a mixture of the two, we can advise on what can work best for you and your budget.



    Ownership Laws in Thailand

    Homes, Villas and Other ‘Landed’ Property


    Foreign nationals are not currently allowed to directly own land in Thailand and forbidden to have their name on a title deed. It is possible to establish a leasehold agreement of up to 90-years (currently split 30+30+30 years) on a property. This can be either a lease on the entire property with both land and structures being leased, or a land only lease where the buyer actually owns the villa structure in their own name. Whilst the latter may seem the best choice, this is not always the case and depends on the property and circumstances which can vary from sale to sale. Villas listed as “Freehold” (Thai Freehold) can usually have foreigner leasehold agreements enacted on them, either directly from the seller, or the property can be first transferred to another legal entity before leasing to a foreign name.




    Registered condominium buildings can sell up to 49% of the total unit space to foreign nationals as freehold. You receive an ownership document in your own name after purchase. There are however some rules to follow when buying condominiums as freehold, such as documented transferring of foreign currency into Thailand for the purchase.