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    Property Listing and Marketing


    Any real estate agent can put the highest price on a property, for the cheapest agency rate and then hope for a sale. This approach usually results in property spending an excessive amount of time on the market and then being difficult to sell later, even at a reduced price.


    At Klasana, we go beyond just advertising and selling property. We want to work closely with our sellers and buyers to achieve all your goals. For sellers, that means a premium price in the shortest timeframe possible. We advertise in a structured way, targeting specific buyer groups, rather than wasting time and money on brute-force marketing. This way, we can advertise and sell your property far more effectively than any other company.


    Our standard listing package includes:


    • Property valuation
    • Professional photography (approx. 8-14 photos)
    • Drone photography at the listing agent’s discretion
    • Personal marketing: local, national and International. Internet marketing and print media
    • Network of partner real estate agents which work with us presenting buyers ready to view.
    • Property PDF’s available for customer download.
    • Professional client viewings
    • Negotiation with the client
    • Consultation and clear advice for both buyer and seller to conduct and complete a transaction


    Please Contact Us to discuss all property listing and support enquiries.


    Property Management

    Klasana offers a range of property management services. From taking care of a property in an owner’s absence, such as cleaning and maintenance, to acting as a full rental management service for both short and long rental terms. Please enquire for further information and a breakdown of our services and rates.


    Valuations and Measurement

    With our comprehensive valuation service, we can measure and value your property accurately against local trends, land pricing by specific area, building material cost, roof structure, pool structure and size, landscaping, property features, furniture included etc.


    We can also provide accurate land measurement and verification services for both vendors and buyers.



    Looking for a professional and market-accurate image to sell or rent your property? Look no further. We can photograph any level and size of property. We have professional knowledge of lighting requirements, lens selection, picture composition as well as full editing solutions for any post-production work. Our photography style is to show your property as it’s best without the over use of filters, photo effects, removing or adding artifacts which can mislead the customer and cause disappointment.


    3D Photography and Virtual Walkthroughs

    Using the latest 3D realtor techniques, we can map your home into a 3D model for virtual tours and 360-degree view walkthroughs.


    Drone Services

    Drone services for aerial photography of property and land as well as creating full video productions for marketing purposes.


    Vendor assistance

    We are here to support the seller throughout their contract term to help achieve a seller’s goals, whether this be a successful sale or full rental calendar. We can offer advice on how to efficiently present a property and add appeal. If something isn’t working, we can help address the problem and suggest an alternative and effective solution.

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